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The attached garage on my home isn't used as a typical garage. Instead, it is used as an extension of our family room. Since we have six kids living in our not-so-big house, we have worked to transform the garage into a game room of sorts. One thing that I struggled with was keeping the garage door closed in the evenings to keep the bugs from coming in. This problem was solved with the installation of a garage door screen door. Find out all about garage door screen doors right here on my blog. You will find out what types you have to choose from and how to go about installing them.

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How To Know When Your Garage Door Needs Servicing

As a homeowner, you know that you need to stay on top of home maintenance and repairs. However, one of the components of the home that many homeowners seem to take for granted is their garage door. Many people do not think much about their garage door until it seems to suddenly stop working. If you want to prevent that issue from occurring in your home, get to know some of the signs that you are in need of garage door service. Then, you can be sure to give your garage door repairman a call before you need to replace the door entirely.

Your Garage Door Seems Off-Balance

One of the key signs that something is wrong with your garage door is if it seems just a bit off-balance when opening or closing. This can be a subtle change in the angle of the door when it opens or closes. If one side of the door seems to pull up faster than the other, even a fraction of an inch, you may have problems with your springs or the wires that hold your door in place and help it move.

You may also be able to see that your garage door is off-balance by the way it looks when it is completely closed. If one side of the door seems to let light through or not quite touch the pavement underneath it, you should call your repair company to send a technician to take a look at your garage door mechanism.

The Door Seems Louder Or Makes Strange Noises

Perhaps the most noticeable sign of trouble with your garage door and garage door opener is a change in the way that your garage door sounds as it is operating. While all garage doors make noise when they open and close, you know from years of experience what your garage door normally sounds like.

As soon as you notice a change in the sound that it makes, such as it seems much louder than it used to be, you will want to give your service person a call. Any extra clunking, shuddering, or rattling is also cause for concern. Those noises could be an indication of mechanical failure which is not only a sign you may need to repair your garage door, but that it could collapse or fall, making it dangerous as well.

Now that you know a few of the ways to tell that you need a garage door service, you can be sure that you take the best possible care of your garage door now and in the future.