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The attached garage on my home isn't used as a typical garage. Instead, it is used as an extension of our family room. Since we have six kids living in our not-so-big house, we have worked to transform the garage into a game room of sorts. One thing that I struggled with was keeping the garage door closed in the evenings to keep the bugs from coming in. This problem was solved with the installation of a garage door screen door. Find out all about garage door screen doors right here on my blog. You will find out what types you have to choose from and how to go about installing them.

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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

Think about all the times your garage door has open and shut on a daily basis. It operates at least twice each day, generally. It is the gateway to your home, and without it you would be parking out in the heat or cold. These tips will help you keep your garage door working when you need it most.

1. Pay attention to odd sounds.

That screeching or grinding? It probably means that something is going wrong. You may want to call a garage-door specialist to learn more about what this sound could indicate.

2. Keep moving parts tight.

Do you notice springs and screws coming out? Make sure you take the time to tighten each piece, checking things periodically.

3. Inspect the Rollers

Rollers should be inspected regularly, and they occasionally need replacing. In fact, you should not let years pass without giving the rollers a thorough look.

4. Consider the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping easily degrades with poor weather and over time. It is important that you check on weatherstripping regularly to make sure that you still have adequate protection from the elements.

5. Apply Lubrication

It is quite easy for parts in your garage door to dry up. Without proper lubrication, you may start to hear terrible sounds and notice grinding that stops your door from functioning properly. Lubrication is not only important for maintenance but also could actually prevent a terrible issue in the future. Not sure where to apply lubrication? A garage-door specialist can help you figure it out.

6. Look for broken or damaged cables.

If a cable on your garage door snaps, the consequences could be dire. It is important to check your garage for loose or torn cables so that they do not snap in the future, hurting you or closing your door on your car.

7. Check Out Safety Features

Do you have your garage door set up to prevent itself from closing on a person or animal? If not, you want to make sure that your door is meant to pop back up if it detects motion underneath it.

8. Get Rid of Debris on the Tracks

When was the last time you looked in the tracks where your garage door rolls up? Make sure you do not have dust, leaves, and other debris stuck in the tracks.

It's time to show your garage door a little TLC, right? Call a garage-door company like AAA Garage Door, Inc. to make sure that everything from your springs to your weatherstripping is on track.